Free diving is such an ancient activity, as humanity itself. The free diving is the most natural and simple method to visit the underwater world. The diver submerged with apnea is holding his breath, since he leaves the surface and submerged until the moment that returns to the surface. Free diver’s equipment consists of a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weights and fins. Discover now with SEA U diving center the beauty of the underwater world.

Free Diving Programs

  • Free Diving in Greece
    Discover Free Diving
    During the course “Discover Free Diving” we will visit magical coastal locations by boat.
  • FDI Level I
    Free diving is the most natural and simple method to explore beneath the waves. No prior experience is required.
  • FDI Level II
    Advanced Freediver
    Achieving a new freediving time or reaching a new depth is an incredible feeling.
  • FDI Level III
    Master Freediver
    You’ll bring your static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills to the next level.



Discover Free Diving: 50 €
Freediver (Level 1): 250 €
Advanced Freediver (Level 2): 250 €
Master Freediver (Level 3): 350 €

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History of free diving

Free diving in Greece, as in all coastal cultures throughout the globe, was used with different methods and styles for the collection of food and raw materials: anglers in Polynesia, the Ama female divers in Japan, pearl fishermen in India and Yemen. According to the findings of paleontologists earlier signs placed in 5,400 B.C the use of free diving by tribes inhabiting the coast of the Baltic Sea. Free diving technics was used by the Mesopotamian civilizations of the Tigris and the Euphrates in 4,500 B.C and all the coastal civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea. The first free diver mythological figure with the name Glafkos appears in the Minoan civilization in 2,000 B.C and transported to the mythological culture of all Greek cities. By Thucydides historian mentions the 415 B.C Athens divers participating in the battle of Syracuse. In the era of the Roman Empire ”Urinatores” was a corps of elite divers of the Roman army. Free diving in Greece continues with divers involved from the 160B.C e.g. in collections of objects from shipwrecks and sponge collection until the time of the industrial revolution. At that era the use of scuba diving techniques begins, as in the rest of the world, this leads to the oblivion of free diving. The free diving was revived as a sport in 1949, where pioneer divers, defying the dogmatic medical theories, begun to attempt diving to depths exceeding 30 meters. After so many decades of evolution today the free diving is an officially established sport, governed by specific rules on safety, theory and techniques.

The free diving nowadays

Free diving schools in Greece are organized with the aim to introduce and train free diving enthusiasts in the three categories of free diving. Diving at the open sea aiming to reach the greater depth. Dynamic swimming aiming to cover the greater distance. Static apnea on the surface in order to stay in apnea for the longest possible period of time. The free diving association or the free diving club that organizes the educational free diving course has the responsibility for the theoretical and practical courses that are conducted in the pool and in the sea to follow the safety and technical rules.

Free diving in Greece

The excitement continues as the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea in combination with the beautiful underwater world of the Cycladic Islands compose the perfect scenery for free diving. Free diving schools in Greece are organized throughout the year. The summer season is ideal, so fans of the free diving can experience the wonderful underwater life of Greek sea bottom. Apart from the free diving schools, in Greece are organized seminars, workshops and competitions, where free divers from all around the world exchange opinions and compete in various categories.

Free diving in Folegandros has an exceptional beauty. The magnificent dive sites, the unique Mediterranean seabed and crystal waters combined with the serenity and naturalness that distinguishes the free diving, tempting the visitor to experience the magic of grand blue. We organize daily excursions for free diving with our boats we visit unique diving sites around the island and we invite you to dive with us.