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Sea U Folegandros Dive center | Spiros Sakellariou

Spyros Sakellariou

My name is Spyros Sakellariou and I was born in Athens in 1980. The magical world of the sea and nature fascinated me since I was little and as a teenager I started practicing freediving. A few years later I tried scuba diving. Two different but equally charming ways to dive but with one common goal, to explore the underwater world.I am a PADI scuba diving instructor as also a PADI free diving instructor. My aim is to share my love for the sea with other people.

Dimitris Korres

My name is Dimitris Korres and I was born in Athens in 1981. I am from the island of Naxos. Since I was a little child I really enjoyed exploring nature and trying outdoor activities. But it was the sea and especially the underwater world that fascinated me the most. My first exciting steps in freediving were followed by scuba diving. My love and devotion to the sea encouraged me to become a professional in diving.

Sea U Folegandros Dive center | Dimitris Korres

Dimitris Voulgaris

My name is Dimitris Voulgaris and I was born in Athens in 1990. I am from the island of Folegandros. Since young age I have a very close connection with the sea. I studied environmental sciences and finished my postgraduate degree on marine systems and oceanography. The love for marine exploration made me want to work as a professional diver. Today I am a professional technical and scientific diver and also a PADI Divemaster. My main objective is to share my scientific knowledge and my love for the marine environment and the subaquatic life.

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