Free diving is such an ancient activity, as humanity itself

Free diving is such an ancient activity, as humanity itself. The free diving is the most natural and simple method to visit the underwater world. The diver submerged with apnea is holding his breath, since he leaves the surface and submerged until the moment that returns to the surface. Free diver’s equipment consists of a mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weights and fins. Discover now with SEA U diving center the beauty of the underwater world.

Snorkeling in Folegandros

Snorkeling in Greece and particularly in Folegandros can prove to be an extremely interesting experience. You can combine your vacations with an activity at our diving center SEA U, where we will provide you with all the necessary equipment and then get on board on one of our <strong>speed boats</strong> aiming for exploration and adventure. Once the relevant briefing is done by the PADI instructor, we can set off to visit the first spot of our tour, the Georgitsi cave. Under the supervision of the PADI instructor we will wear our gear and start exploring the cave. Although the cave has natural light, we will carry flash lights so as to be able to observe the colors of the flowers, the sponges and the corrals that are in abundance inside the cave. Also, we will have the chance to admire the stalactites which have been formed over thousands of years.

The unique blue color of the cave created by the reflection of light on the rocks is unforgettable. After completing our tour in the cave we will return to the boat for some rest. Next stop is the well known beach Katergo, accessible only by boat or hiking. We will have the chance to see up close this popular beach. Once we get into the water we will head towards the vertical cliffs and underwater walls that are close to the beach. The vertical walls that go deep, over 40 meters, into the sea is a striking spectacle. We will have the chance to see many different kinds of fish and enjoy the deep blue.

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